The study of a foreign language will help you to understand and appreciate different countries, cultures and communities, whilst also helping you learn more about your own language. We aim to build upon the language study undertaken at primary school and aim to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as experiencing authentic materials such as films, video clips and books.

At Key Stage 3 all students study French and are offered the opportunity to have tasters in other languages, such as Japanese, Spanish and German, through clubs and Deep Learning Days. Some pupils go on to take external qualifications in these additional languages.

At Key Stage 4 students can choose to continue to study a GCSE in French or an ab initio GCSE German. A group of the most able pupils are currently studying for a GCSE in Spanish outside of curriculum time and some pupils are studying for unit awards in Japanese.

Employers value language competence as an indicator of wider communication skills and we encourage students of all abilities to consider a GCSE in a language. Language learning promotes understanding of the need to listen carefully, to engage with others and to empathise with people in a range of working and social contexts.

We encourage native speakers and bilingual students to take a GCSE in their home language if it is available and appropriate for them to do so. Language clubs and trips enrich the learning experience and there is an annual trip to Disneyland Paris. We also try to organise trips to Germany and Spain too, as well as providing local cultural activities and opportunities such as the MFL Choir.
Curriculum Area Leader of MFL, Miss V. Brownlee