In the Mathematics Department we aim to help students at every age and ability level to reach their full potential in the subject. We are a team of well qualified, experienced teachers who strive to share our enthusiasm for mathematics with the students in order to help them make sense of maths in the world around them.

During key stage 3 we build on students’ progress at primary school with a structured teaching program differentiated to meet the needs of all learners. We also place great emphasis on the development of the key skills that support a student’s mathematical development during their time at secondary school. At key stage 4, students make excellent progress and GCSE results are in line with the most able students nationally.

Opportunities are provided for our most talented students to study for qualifications beyond the normal GCSE mathematics course and we enrich their mathematical experiences further with participation in national competitions and visits to higher education conferences and events.
Curriculum Area Leader of Maths, Mr. I. Russell