The English Department is housed in the heart of the main school building and is widely involved in whole school activities.We are a team of five full-time teachers and our sole aim is to engage every child with aspects of English in the wider world.

DEEP learning days at Key stage 3, such as Different Cultures Day for Year 7 and Shakespeare Day for Year 8, allow our students and staff to interact and take part in a range of diverse activities that are designed to widen appreciation for how our subject fits into every-day life.

At Key Stage 4 we study the WJEC specification as it offers our students opportunities to study texts across several genres, as well as develops functional reading and writing skills that our students will need on their journeys after leaving us at Howden School.
Literacy skills are a whole school focus, and English are at the forefront of securing and maintaining high standards for all of our students.
Curriculum Area Leader of English, Mrs H. Collins